Means to examine your Spotify stats and also figure out your most-played tunes and also musicians

Spotify has more than 300 million members, according to the company’s site. And also together, those users pay attention to plenty of musicians, tracks, styles, and also playlists yearly.

If you’ve ever wanted to dive deeper right into your paying attention behaviors– maybe to see which tracks you pay attention to the most, or compare your preferences with others– there are loads of web sites you can utilize to check your spotify stats website. These sites range from serious to wacky, yet they’ll all aid you see your songs fandom into a brand-new light.

Here are a few of our favorites from across the spectrum.

Just how to check your Spotify stats.
Stats for Spotify
Stats for Spotify is most likely the most basic “stats” site you’re going to locate. Log into your Spotify account as well as you can see your favorite musicians, tracks, and also styles from the last month, six months, or perpetuity.

Scroll to the bottom of your Top Tracks web page, as well as you’ll even discover a Create playlist button you can use to immediately make a playlist with all the songs on that particular checklist.

A list of top musicians and top tracks, generated by Stats for Spotify
Click any of the musicians or tunes to open their page in Spotify. Stats for Spotify.
Note: To use Stats for Spotify and similar third-party websites, you’ll have to give each site authorization to watch your account information and also activity via your Spotify login. You can withdraw accessibility from any type of third-party application or website you have actually accepted by mosting likely to the Applications page of your Account setups in an internet browser as well as selecting the Eliminate Access alternative close to each app or website.

spotify stats app authorization web page
To keep your data secure, you need to withdraw access from third-party apps when you’re done utilizing them. Expert
Spotify Covered
You most likely find out about this.

Annually, Spotify launches Spotify Wrapped, a slide show that shows you who your favorite artists, tunes, and genres mored than the past year. You likewise get a matter of how much time you invested listening to Spotify, as well as a playlist with your top 100 tracks.

You do not require to connect anything to your Spotify account to locate this. It’ll appear in your Spotify app immediately when it gets released, so you can watch the slide show and share it with all of your close friends.

The shareable card that you can access the end of the Spotify Covered tale.
The shareable card that you can access completion of the Spotify Wrapped tale. Spotify
Once a long time passes, you won’t be able to locate the Wrapped slide shows any longer. But you can find your Wrapped playlists from years past by logging right into the Spotify site as well as inspecting these links:

Covered 2021
Covered 2020
Covered 2019
Wrapped 2018
Wrapped 2017
Obscurify, like various other websites, reveals you your top tracks, artists, as well as styles. But it likewise offers you a score of exactly how “rare” your tastes are contrasted to other customers, together with a list of the musicians and songs you listen to that no person else does.

An “Obscurity Ranking” from the Spotify stats web site Obscurify
An obscurity ranking and distribution chart from Obscurify. Obscurify.
Scroll down and you’ll likewise locate a “Moods” section that measures how delighted, danceable, energetic, and also acoustic your tastes are– in addition to just how that contrasts to various other individuals.

And take a look at the very lower of the web page for some track referrals that the algorithm believes you’ll delight in.

Receiptify is an application that examines what tunes you listen to one of the most and publishes out a “invoice” with them listed in order. You can have it detail your favorite songs from the past month, six months, or from all time.

It’s a straightforward gimmick, yet wonderful for sharing swiftly on social media.

A song invoice from the Receiptify app.
A track receipt from the Receiptify application. Receiptify
Zodiac Affinity
Astrology isn’t for everybody. Yet if you have actually obtained your sunlight, moon, as well as climbing indicators remembered, have a look at Zodiac Affinity

Connect to Spotify and select your zodiac sign (your sunlight indicator) from the drop-down menu. The site will certainly give you five current tracks you like that suit well with your indicator.

The Zodiac Affinity web page for Leo, showing a selection of rock tracks.
The Zodiac Affinity web page for Leo. Zodiac Affinity.
Exactly how Bad is Your Spotify
The “How Bad is Your Spotify” examination went viral in 2020 for its AI’s snarky mindset and scorching warm takes. The site reviews your preferred musicians and also tunes, asks you a few inquiries, and after that mercilessly ridicules you. Be cautioned, it can get off-color.

A screenshot from the “How Bad is Your Spotify?” quiz.
You’ll be asked some inquiries concerning what you pay attention to. The Pudding
No matter how obscure your tastes are, Exactly how Bad is Your Spotify will certainly discover a stereotype you fit into. Just don’t take it as well personally– it is a robot, besides.